Nawal Hahad

AutorNawal Hahad

Nawal Hahad arbeitet seit 2008 bei artindustrial it. Ihr fachlicher Schwerpunkt liegt auf Projektmanagement, Requirement Engineering, Kundenbetreuung und Qualitätssicherung.

AIT Days 2019


This year for our annual team building event we travelled to the small town of Eisenberg in the south of Burgenland. The AIT Days were filled with challenging indoor and outdoor activities. We learned from Leonardo da Vinci how to build bridges and from Harald how to use a bow. We discussed interesting topics regarding our present-day challenges and our future and became acquainted with the...

Setting up email encryption in Windows


On most projects, there comes a moment when we need to work with sensitive data and need security in the communication with our clients. One of our ways to achieve the necessary security and privacy is by offering and using email encryption for sensitive information. This blog post will describe how this email encryption works and how it can be implemented for free on any computer running Windows...

Testing a date picker for common errors


Quality assurance Date pickers are a ubiquitous tool in forms and are used for a variety of data from birthdays to travel dates. This guide explains how you can find the most common errors in a date picker by exploratory testing. These tests give you a pretty good idea about the quality of a date picker implementation without the need for developer know-how. Check the settings We’re going...

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