Karin Dunkl

AutorKarin Dunkl

Karin Dunkl ist seit 2006 Software Entwicklerin bei artindustrial it. Sie ist Expertin für Software Architektur und Java Web Entwicklung.

10+ things to consider when upgrading your Linux


Checklist – when upgrading your Linux (Mint/Ubuntu) This is not a step by step tutorial, this is a general checklist when upgrading your Linux system. It’s based on Mint/Ubuntu, but can roughly be used for other Linux distributions too. It originally had only 10 bullet points, but is now grouped in various sub-bullets for better overview. Checklists are a great thing when doing complex, longsome...

AIT Days 2018


This summer we travelled to Styria in southern Austria for our AIT Days – our annual team building event. We challenged ourselves with creativity games and debating sessions indoor and enjoyed outdoor activities like a rope climbing garden. A bit of what you fancy does you good, so we reserved some time for culinary treats and wellness.
Here are some impressions.

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