AIT Days 2019


This year for our annual team building event we travelled to the small town of Eisenberg in the south of Burgenland. The AIT Days were filled with challenging indoor and outdoor activities. We learned from Leonardo da Vinci how to build bridges and from Harald how to use a bow. We discussed interesting topics regarding our present-day challenges and our future and became acquainted with the...

Things to consider when doing a Linux upgrade


My Checklist for upgrading my Linux (Mint/Ubuntu) This article is not a step by step tutorial but a general checklist when upgrading a Linux system. It’s based on Mint/Ubuntu, but can roughly be used for any other Linux distributions too. In the original version, I had 10 bullet points, but I grouped it for better readability. In my opinion, checklists are a great thing when doing complex...

10 best practices for creating good docker images


Today, a colleague asked me some questions concerning docker, and I decided to sum them up in an article, since they might be useful to someone else, too. Docker docs already contain a section Best practices for writing Dockerfiles containing a lot of useful information, but it’s far from complete, in my humble opinion. So here we go: 1 – Carefully look at how your PID 1 handles UNIX...

Port WordPress into a Docker-enabled environment – Part 1


Common content management systems, like WordPress, are very widespread applications. For this tutorial let’s assume you have an older version of WordPress up and running. The system is hosted on an Ubuntu server or similar and all necessary prerequisites are installed directly on the host. Part one will illustrate how the transformation of our previous company website into our current one...

Making Angular2 a team player – multiple apps on a single page


Angular2/4’s toolchain is hard to use and even harder to comprehend in detail. Although powerful, the plethora of tools playing together – npm, angular-cli, typescript, webpack2 – makes it hard to fully understand the inner workings of Angular’s toolchain. Webpack2, Angular’s bundling tool is currently in very active development, and the documentation, although improved recently, is far from...

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